Lys design & creation

Lys offers services of design and manufacturing of custom furniture and decoration artefacts.

We can advise you, draw drafts and precise plans to custom manufacture furniture based on your needs and requirements.

We work on a daily base with a pool of selected manufacturers and craftsmen from Bali and Java.

Teak is the main timber used for furniture in Bali. But we also work other hard woods like Merbau, Bengkirai, Iron wood, Mindi and other depending on the desired final look and effect from classic to modern.

Beyond pure manufacturing, our experience in finishing allows us to match your wishes and tastes in terms of colour, treatment or patina.

We also trade with manufacturers specialized in metal, glass, stone, sofas, lighting, to offer you a wide range of furniture and custom made objects in varied styles.

Design & creation

Please get in contact directly with us to decide the procedure best suited to your needs.

Export shipping

We regularly trade with several freight forwarders and we pick based on their spot rates and their performance to offer you the best service possible.

Freight forwarding breaks down as follow:

  1. FOB (Free On Board)
  2. The shipping it self
  3. The delivery from the port of destination to your warehouse or door

We coordinate and synchronize these steps for you – packing control, container loading, export procedures and paperwork and shipping.

For any further informations

Please feel free to contact us: